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Project Draft
Every event with its own special theme already writes a perfect PR story for itself. But location, decoration concepts, show acts, guests and scenes make for unforgettable moments. There are events you don‘t want to miss. Be it the presentation of a special brand or a socially important occasion. And then there are these private events that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. No event can be repeated. That‘s why organizers and hosts usually book a photographer with experience in the event sector. Christian von der Eltz has been photographing Hospitality und Events for 20 years. Both commercial brand events and society or official administration events.
But if the image material was handed over to the responsible recipient after the event, it usually did not take very long for guests to want to find out via the photographer´s website how to get images from the event? Many guests and event participants have to make do with selfies or Smartphone pictures, as the photo- grapher´s pictures are not available to everyone. On the one hand, it would be a miserable effort to consider each individual guest, on the other hand, we are not yet aware of any format that would meet this requirement. And finally, the question of who pays for the additional logistics effort of the photographer must also be clarified. It would take weeks. Exactly for such and other media tasks we started to look for solutions in 2018. To make matters worse, a technology trend was emerging. While here in China all media applications are already used mainly via the smartphone, in Europe this was still a long way off. Today, however, we can say that the smartphone is also developing into the No.1 media device here. Not everything that´s on the web is website. Perhaps technically, but not in terms of format or media concept. The content of a static website, for example, changes only slightly over time. And every change means a tremendous effort. Editorial pages, on the other hand, which have the character of a magazine in the media, have to do something complete different. Now we talk about „fast moving content“ (fmc)
For the workflow, this means immediately going to the quality control after an event, selecting the individual photos according to topics and photo galleries in order to create individual image folders for each theme. Of course, there layout standards in each event pr magazine. This has to be optimized according to the individual requirements. Logos, link structures, page layouts, imprint up to keyvisual production and technical event title domain. We call this PRM-Frame. Once this is done, the images are selected for each topic, edited for the page layout and inserted into the mask. In some cases, text illustrations are still necessary. Of course, each photo must be provided with an image number, just as the overall functionality depends on a complex link structure. To go online with a first launch after the event, about 2 days pass. Afterwards, depending on your wishes, appropriate updates will be made. With the completion of the first launch version, we will send the main event key visual including QR code to the host. He shares it in the desired way with the guest list or even in the media. The images can be downloaded in a size of 532 Pixel (landscape) oder 750 Pixel (portrait) Each photo is marked with the corresponding folder and image number. Guests can purchase pictures in regular sizes or as prints. How long the PRM event will remain online will be agreed in advance. If it is permanently linked as media content on a website, low media costs will be incurred. We deliver image material in accordance with license agreement after quality control.
Event Briefing
532 Px
Not even big magazines or organizer print entire documentaries or show more than 10 pictures on facebook or instagram. The Event.PR-Magazine is exactly made for this. The standard scope takes into account 10 pages with 10 photos each. (100 Photos) There is practically no page limit. Each Event PR Magazine has its own with QR code and direct link.
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